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Personal Development Tip: Keep No Record of Being Wronged

Personal Development Tip: Keep No Record of Being Wronged

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By Edward Ball

We live in an imperfect world and we reflect that imperfection in many ways. Nothing is going to be just how we want it every single time. Sometimes people will do right by us and others will do us wrong. If we keep a ledger of all the times we have been wronged we won’t be able to see all the things that have gone in our favor. Furthermore, we will begin to focus on revenge and being an agent of karma and lose focus on becoming the best we can be.

There was a time in my life where I felt that all the people I knew closed the casket on me and left me for dead, as a result of my prison sentence. There is some quote that basically says people will never forget an injustice done to them but they will not remember when someone gives them a helping hand. I was becoming that person: My mind and life was being consumed with record keeping. I was miserable and wilting.

When I stopped keeping records of being wronged and focusing on revenge I immediately became a better person. Now I worry about becoming the best person I can be so I can add value to the lives of others, especially to those who have extended their helping hand to me.

How do we begin the personal development process by not keeping record of being wronged? We do it by being:

  • Patient
  • Humble
  • Confident
  • Kind
  • Resilient

Realize that what you know is not complete and imperfect and so is the world that we live in. I couldn’t understand the struggles people were facing on the streets from in prison, my knowledge was incomplete. I attempted to be all of the things in the above list, falling short at times but becoming a better person for trying and forgetful one too.

Remember those who helped you not the ones who hurt you. Become the best you can be through your personal development efforts so you can be that helping hand.

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