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Invest in yourself, your personal development depends on it!

Invest in yourself, your personal development depends on it!

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People take the time to invest and create a great portfolio. However, they neglect to invest in themselves. You are your most valuable portfolio. Treat it like you would your other investments being sure to diversify.

What we knew yesterday is nearly obsolete today. What we know today will be obsolete by the end of tomorrow. It is important that we continue to learn making sure we learn a variety of things. Being a specialist is fine, however, industries come and go. If you are only knowledgeable in one industry you will go out with that industry. When the economy crashed a few years ago the specialist who failed to invest in themselves and stopped learning outside of their industry were the hardest hit. Those who had diversified were able to transition to other industries. Those who were willing to learn new things made a successful transition during the downed economy.

Diversify, that is, learn as many different things as you can even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. While I was in prison I took the time to learn many different things. I learned Spanish. I watched hours of novellas and Univision programing getting out of my comfort zone so I could better understand the nuances of the Spanish speaking culture. I learned about computers, different religions, cultures, gangs, and anything else I could learn about. It has made me more of a well-rounded person able to identify and connect with a variety of people and groups.

The flourishing class are the jacks of all trades. Part of their personal development process was to learn as much as they can about as many things as they can. They can never be side lined: they have the skill set to move to another trade and bring with them innovative ideas borrowed from their diverse learnings. The masters of one trade are tied to the fate and ways of thinking of their mastered trade.

Your personal development depends on:

1. Learning

2. Learning from a variety of sources about a variety of things

3. Using what you have learned

Don’t get stuck in a comfort zone, you will begin to atrophy. Invest in yourself by learning and diversify by learning all sorts of new things.

By Edward Ball

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