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You Got All Those Guns, But You Haven’t Shot Anyone?

You Got All Those Guns, But You Haven’t Shot Anyone?

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By Edward Ball

As we go through life we are arming ourselves. Everything we have an opportunity to learn is a gun or a tool we can use to deal successfully with the complexities of the world. Our skill set can be used to help, not only ourselves, but others as well. Every time we help someone we are giving them a shot; a dose of our knowledge, a boost, and filling them with something that has the ability to positively impact their lives and their personal development efforts. I see a world full of people with valuable skill, insights, experiences, and knowledge that is equivalent to a fully automatic high caliber machine gun. They have the ability to shoot many people, however, they don’t pull the trigger and only use what they know to benefit themselves.

I wonder where I would be if I hadn’t received a little help. Before I left prison I was given an opportunity. That opportunity was a job. Who knows where I would be if I didn’t receive multiple shots. The people I knew, knew people and got me in front of them. Their shots, in the form of introductions, has done nothing but positively impacted my life, given me a boost and helped my personal development journey continue in the right direction.

We all have the ability to shoot somebody because we are all carrying guns. Stop holding on to your ability to help others. Start pulling the trigger. I don’t have the secret formula to becoming wealthy or prophetic insights that rival Confucius or Solomon but I have a personal development story that has the potential to help at least one person. My books, my website and my personal interactions are my attempts to shoot as many people as I can, why have a gun and not use it.

Have you shot anyone today?

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