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Book Publishing

book publishing

If you have written a book, or writing a book, Ball Team Enterprise can publish it and get it to your potential readers. If you choose our book publishing package you will receive the following:


You will receive multiple rounds of editing and your manuscript will be proofread following the final round.


Your book will be formatted for both print on demand and for various ebook formats including but not limited to: epub, pdf, mobi, html and more.

Cover Design

You will receive a professionally designed cover for both ebook and Print on Demand. The POD cover includes front, spine and backcover.


You have the option of using our distributor provided ISBN, an ISBN provided by Ball Team Enterprise LLC, or we can purchase an ISBN for you and you or your company will be the listed publisher.


Your book will be copyrighted and listed with the Library of Congress.

Book Distribution

Your book will be distributed via your own estore on our POD distributor’s website. Your book will be available for distribution by bookstores and online retailers like Barnes & Noble. It will be available on Amazon.com and Amazon Europe in both print a ebook formats. Your ebook will be distributed via our distributors website and more than 13 other retailers including Apple, Sony, Baker and Taylor, and Diesel.

Your Books

You will receive multiple copies of your book and access to purchase your books at a wholesale price that will allow you to profit from the sale of your book.


You will receive the following for the sale of your print book:

  • 60% of the list price if sold on Amazon.com and Amazon Europe
  • 80% of list price if sold on our distributor’s site via your estore
  • 40% of the list price if sold by bookstores and other online retailers

These royalties do not include printing fees. Printing fees vary according to page count.

You will receive the following for the sale of you ebook:

  • 85% of the list price if sold on our ebook distributor’s website
  • 5% of list price if sold by an affiliate of our distributor
  • 60% of list price if sold by our distributors distribution chanel (Apple, Sony, etc.)
  • 45% of list price for library sales

Website (Optional)

You have the option of getting a simple website to promote your book. This website includes: Domain name, hosting, and a multiple page site.

Contact us now and fill out our questionnaire for pricing information.

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