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About Us

Hi, my name is Edward Ball founder of Ball Team Enterprise LLC. Do you ever feel like:

1. You can be better?

 2. You can do better?

 3. You can offer more value in your day to day personal interactions?

Or do you feel like something simply needs to change?

You have come to the right spot.

This is how Ball Team Enterprise LLC can help you grow and develop.

Arthur Guiterman said: “True success is that which makes building stones of old mistakes.” We have those building stones.

This is what it is:

We are all humans who share at least one trait: we are all fallible. Because we are liable to be erroneous there is only one thing we can do that makes sense. That one thing is to learn from both the mistakes we make and the mistakes others make.

We realize that not everyone has the time to extract definable, teachable and relevant lessons from common and not so common mistakes.

In fact life is too short and offers too many opportunities for us to be tied up making all the mistakes ourselves.

Come learn with us, Ball Team Enterprise, and receive valuable lessons from a variety of mistakes, lessons that can and will aid in your personal development.


One great thing about the content created by Ball Team Enterprise LLC is that we offer practical developmental lessons from a unique and interesting perspective.

We specialize in mining value from various situations and circumstances to create meaningful lessons and action steps that you can benefit from immediately!

Welcome to Ball Team Enterprise

Ball Team is a team that is committed to delivering useful information that can contribute to the personal development of those consuming the information. We help people to be better, to do better and profit from mistakes.

Ball Team Enterprise has multiple ways YOU can access our personal development information. We create and distribute books in electronic and paperback formats, we have web content and we will be offer public speaking services in the near future.


What you will have access to:

eBooks, with our eBooks you will get real life stories of mistakes made and lessons learned from those mistakes. In addition, we will offer action steps that can be implemented and aid in your personal development process.

Web content, via our website you will have access to articles and other useful information. Our blog, learnfromthecons.com (coming soon) will provide you with original content and other resources anyone wanting to develop on multiple levels will find useful.

Public speaking services, our focus with these services is on youth at risk of entering in to the criminal justice system. Ball Team Enterprise LLC and its affiliates will come and speak to groups of children and provide them with information that will not only be designed for personal development but for deterring listeners from getting involved with the wrong side of the criminal justice system.

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About Edward Ball


Edward Ball is the founder of Ball Team Enterprise LLC, and is an expert mistake maker and is a professional at making building stones of old mistakes.

After being sentenced to nearly 40 years in prison and doing close to 14 years in maximum security penitentiaries he went on to acquire two Bachelor’s degrees and form a business centered around personal development using lessons learned from mistakes.

He uses a blend of perspectives and knowledge from the streets, prison and academia to create personal developmental products.

“In my five and a half some years as a Prosecutor, I believe that the Defendant is probably the most violent of all that I have come across…he is a significant threat to everyone he comes across and everyone who lives around him. I have no doubt, absolutely no doubt in my mind, that when Mr. Ball gets out, somebody will end up dead.” –Marion County Prosecutor

To learn how Edward Ball went from being a significant threat to everyone he comes across to an asset to those he comes across adding value to individuals and organizations enter you email below and get on the Ball Team Enterprise LLC email list.


We are helping people become better!!

If we can improve on a personal level then you can too! Come learn with the Ball Team! We have valuable content that we know you will find valuable and interesting. Begin by purchasing our best selling title: 39 Things About Life I Learned in Prison.